Lansing Lifts Up Local

Hey Lansing, are you ready to Lift Up Local?

It’s no secret that the COVID health crisis has dealt us all a terrible blow. Our local Lansing businesses are struggling, and winter promises to bring even more challenges. If we’re going to see our favorite restaurants, shops and attractions on the other side of this pandemic, it’s important that we all come together to Lift Up our Lansing businesses!

Just like last year, we’re calling on everyone in our city—every individual, organization and corporation—to take the Lift Up Local Pledge by promising to dine, shop and support Lansing businesses this holiday season and throughout the winter.

Lansing Lifts Up Local is a collaboration between Downtown Lansing Inc., Michigan Premier Events, Pass It On Community Center, and Lanstronauts like you!

Take the pledge, it's easy!

I pledge to #LiftUpLocal by spending my dollars at local Lansing businesses this holiday season. I commit to challenging my friends, family and coworkers to do so, too. I promise to support the community that supports me, so we all can thrive.

Join corporate partner AT&T and other friends and neighbors who have pledged to support their local community!

Want to learn more?

Lift Up Local is a movement that started July 2020 with over 20 Lansing ambassadors — along with Michigan Premier Events and Downtown Lansing Inc. — supporting small businesses across Old Town, Downtown, and REO Town. These ambassadors are Lansing residents like you and me, that shared their experiences and stories across various social media platforms with all of you. But now, we’re Passing It On, and asking our entire City to come together, and pledge to #ShopLansing #GrubLansing and #SupportLansing businesses!

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